Frank Varano is an Italian-American engineer and veteran living in Italy writing, composing and performing all types of music for guitar.

Born in New York on 21 February 1971, Frank has an unusual path which led him to perform and write music. He began playing guitar at 15, greatly influenced by Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, as well as Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles. At 16 he began listening heavily to jazz and fusion. At age 17 he discovered the power and beauty of classical music, in particular Bach. As a result of his eclectic listening habits, his musical style has always combined elements of the classical, jazz and rock realms. In addition to playing 4 hours a day and performing extensively in the New York area, he also taught guitar lessons for several years beginning in 1987.

After high school he received a scholarship to study engineering near Philadelphia. Unfortunately, due to an excessively demanding schedule little musical progress was made in college. After graduating with honors in 1993, he was commissioned as an officer in the US Navy.

Despite moving eight times in six years and travelling to 23 countries, it was during this period that his musical compositions started naturally developing, and he began building his private studio. He also used his engineering skills to begin designing guitars.

By 1997 he had released two solo acoustic instrumental CDs (Season's Gift and Voyages and Return), selling several thousand copies within months of their release despite the lack of a supporting record company or distributor. In 1998 he moved to the mountains of northern Italy, where the space and solitude provided the perfect atmosphere for writing and recording music. It was here that he also developed an innovative website,, which offers a complete 30 lesson interactive guitar course on-line.

In September2002 he released his first CD with his Italian rock band - PNR - entitled Prova Un'Altra Volta ("Try Again"). After only seven gigs, in August 2003 PNR made it to the finalist selection of a national music contest held in Ferrara.

Despite obligations with PNR, work and family life (he became a father in November 2003), Frank continued to compose and record music for his third solo CD. On November 26, 2003 - the day his daughter Sara was born - Dream Again was released. Featuring the most creative acoustic instrumental compositions, you can hear samples by clicking here.

Frank has also recorded on L.A. Project's Eye of the Needle (released January 2004) and on Dante Citton's debut CD, Bepi e Altre Storie (released March 2003).

His compositions feature many intertwining instruments without becoming overbearing. They make you WANT to listen. His motto is "calculated passion." Coupled with a vivid and energetic live performance, it is safe to say that there are few modern guitarists or composers like Frank.