Photo Gallery


Frank airborne in an outdoor concert, Sicily 1996




Frank in an unplugged concert in Romano d'Ezzelino, northern Italy, December 2001


Frank explaining the history behind a rare, 110 year old guitar in concert, December 2001


The rock and roller unleashed! October 2001 in the mountains of northern Italy playing a strat with a MIDI pickup installed.



On stage with PNR, July 2003 in Nove, northern Italy


Performing at a beach concert in southern Italy, August 2003


Frank posing with a few of his toys, September 2000



Frank agonizing in concert with a triple neck guitar and a bass player that smokes, October 2001



The two Franks! Frank Varano with Frank Gambale, Gubbio, central Italy, July 2002



Frank with two guitar maestros: Frank Gambale (left) and Maurizio Colonna (right) at a guitar seminar, July 2002


Frank performing live on D-Radio in Padova with PNR, September 2003


"How the heck did you get that microphone stuck up your nose"?! Frank having some fun before going on the air, September 2003

Frank (playing the middle neck) jamming with his friends on his triple neck guitar, Ancona, central Italy, June 2002

An impromptu acoustic session with a Hungarian lute player in Venice, Italy, April 2002

Frank (far left) posing with Diego, Toni and Giovanni of PNR, February 2003


Frank's daughter Sara shows off her two handed tapping technique on daddy's Les Paul Custom, April 2004

Frank and his trusty old EDS-1275 double neck in concert, Vicenza Italy, July 2000

Frank with the legendary Muriel Anderson, May 1, 2004. Soave, Italy. Man, I should have shaved.

Frank and world reknown Kansas/Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse, near Venice, Italy, July 14 2004. A brilliant guitarist and a heck of a nice guy.

Frank at the second edition of the Grappa Guitar Camp in the foothills of the Dolomites, northern Italy, 14 July 2004

Live in an outdoor festival in Northern Italy with his Breedlove CM, 6 August 2004

Frank and his group get filmed live in the town square, Breganze, northern Italy 6 August 2004

Live outdoors in Breganze with PNR, Breganze, northern Italy, 6 August 2004.